Jeremy Saulnier’s GREEN ROOM Gets Its Stars: Anton Yelchin And Imogen Poots

The FRIGHT NIGHT co-stars are reuniting for the follow-up to BLUE RUIN. 

Jeremy Saulnier's Blue Ruin is a great film. It's this gorgeous, desperate, hushed revenge thriller that doesn't feel like any other movie I've seen. It takes an unblinking look at the dark hopelessness of a life led in pursuit of vengeance, and it's stunningly filmed by Saulnier himself, a cinematographer. So I've been eagerly awaiting news of his followup, Green Room

Today we learned that Green Room will star former Fright Night (2011) buds Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots, both of whom I like pretty well, and I'm quite curious to see what kind of performances they turn in under Saulnier's sure-handed direction. Here's a summary: 

The story centers on a punk band, headlined by Yelchin’s character, who witnesses a murder at one of their shows in a middle-of-nowhere venue. They find themselves locked in the green room and targeted for death by a gang of racist skinheads.

Ugh, that sounds so good. 

By the way, Blue Ruin is streaming on Netflix. WATCH IT.