Robert Redford May Add Even More Leather To PETE’S DRAGON

None of that fancy pants CG leather, either.

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery is going to make a Pete’s Dragon movie which takes place around the logging industry rather than a fishing village. The plot revolves around - if I read this correctly - a feral orphan boy who has been raised in these woods by a CG dragon. I assume the movie won’t make him feral, but c’mon. That kid in real life would be feral as shit.

Anyway, the film already has some of its cast. Oakes Fegley is playing the feral kid. Oona Laurence will play another youngster. And now Robert Redford is in talks to play a local who tells everyone about this magical dragon only to get shot down and laughed at.

Pete’s Dragon is expected to shoot this fall in New Zealand. While Redford will undoubtably be able to act these kids under the table should he join the production, Oakes and Oona are really going to give him a run for his money when it comes to goofy-ass first names.