GLEE’s Ryan Murphy Thinks He Just Invented Comedy-Horror


There are dumb quotes and then there are dumb quotes. Here's a dumb quote:

"We hope to create a whole new genre – comedy-horror.."

That's from the official Fox press release for Scream Queens, the latest anthology series from Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee and American Horror Story. I don't even know what to make of that quote, if only because it seems to spit in the face of Washington Irving, whose The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is seen as the progenitor of the modern comedy-horror story. It also ignores the fact that comedy-horror has been a film genre since at least the 1920s. Some guy named DW Griffith made a funny variation on the 'old dark house' horror story with One Exciting Night. If a murder mystery isn't horror enough for you, how about The Ghost Breaker, a 1922 silent comedy? That's a comedy about ghosts, and if the fact that 1922 version is lost makes you wonder if we should count it, how about the 1940 remake starring Bob Hope? 

Maybe Murphy is talking about TV? I guess, as long as he decides that The Addams Family and The Munsters don't count. Maybe they're not scary enough for him? How about Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Or the little-seen but definitely comedy-horror Death Valley

As far as I can tell this was just a dumb, dumb quote. 

Anyway, what's Scream Queens? It's an annual anthology show that each season will focus on two female leads. The first season will be about murders on a college campus. The show will begin with great promise but, because Murphy doesn't plan this stuff out, will turn into dogshit after about five episodes. It will have a hugely disappointing conclusion but because season two will be all new characters and will have a great pilot everybody will get sucked in and fooled and watch it for another year. Rinse, repeat, claim to have invented comedy-horror.