Let’s Play Some Games

Join the BAD community on Steam.

The past six weeks have essentially been a horror movie for the gaming community. Between the right-wing extremists harassing feminist game critics and the right-wing extremists developing mass murder games, it’s been a thoroughly unpleasant time to be involved in this medium. I’m tired of writing about negativity.*

One tiny positive result from all this GamerGate bullshit has been the emergence of many fine people out of the woodwork, including here on Badass Digest. I want to do something nice (if small) for the folks who have rallied together in what has been the gaming Internet's (and this site’s) Battle of the Pelennor Fields. So (embarrassingly tiny drum roll)...

We’ve set up a Steam group for Badass Digest and friends! Maybe we’ll get our act together enough to hold gaming events, but in the meantime, we can hold each other. Talk about games. Play games. If you must, you can trade hats, but come on. (If you genuinely dig the Steam trading market, I’d love to know why - it’s utterly perplexing to me.) Inevitably, there’s also a Curator section, which showcases a handful of games at the moment and which will grow as time goes on.

Like BAD itself, the group will be rigorously moderated for violations of the 11 Satanic Rules of Badass Digest, so anyone looking to get their harassment on will be out on the street like so much Elizabethan-era excrement.

So let’s play, everybody.

* By no means, however, is this a capitulation to GamerGate or anything of its ilk. Devin, the staff and I will continue to write about whatever rouses us to write.