Tonight! Check Out The Live Stream Of Cary Elwes Presenting THE PRINCESS BRIDE Right Here

He's giving an intro and Q&A and you can watch both from the comfort of your home!

Tonight, the Dread Pirate Roberts himself (Cary Elwes, duh) is presenting a screening of The Princess Bride at Austin's Paramount Theater with our own Henri Mazza, and it's a pretty big deal. That screening sold out super quickly, and the live stream satellite screenings at Alamos across the country are largely sold out, too. (But if you live near an Alamo and you're feeling spontaneous, you should still check the website for seats!) 

But Badass readers are in luck, because we're in the loop. You can watch the intro and the post-screening Q&A live streams on your computer tonight - and hey, might as well watch your own screening of The Princess Bride in between and make an event out of it! 

At 8pm CT, watch the intro live stream HERE

Then, when the intro's over, either watch the movie or do something else for exactly 98 minutes, and then come back to watch the Q&A live stream HERE

And check back tomorrow, as we have some more exciting Princess Bride-related news to announce!