Badass Giveaway: Win A Gigantic SAW Prize Pack

It's the tenth anniversary of SAW, and we have a TON of stuff to give away for it. 

On October 29, Saw will celebrate its tenth anniversary, and we're celebrating by giving away a giant prize pack of gifts! These gifts, to be specific:

This prize pack includes the 5 new SAW collectable posters (including the one above), along with some branded items such as stickers, t-shirts, key chains, postcards and bracelets!

So here's what you do to win: email [email protected] with the subject line SAW GIVEAWAY, your name, mailing address and proof, either anecdotal or pictorial, of your utmost Saw devotion. AND you have to do something else: go to each one of Brian and Britt's Saw Dialogue posts and copy your favorite line and paste it in the email. From every post! (There are only four so far, you slacker.) 

But the contest runs until Halloween (that's October 31 for you aliens), so if you enter the contest after a new Saw Dialogue entry pops up, make sure you include a line from that one, too. I'm gonna be a real stickler on this, because true Saw fans should be reading this series. It's great. 

So good luck! And if you skimmed, well, you're probably not going to win, but here's the pertinent info: this contest closes October 31