Neil Gaiman Explains Why SANDMAN Wasn’t In That Big WB Info Dump

Warner Bros announced a zillion comic book movies - why not SANDMAN?

We know that there's a Sandman movie in the works from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is looking to direct the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's classic comic book about the anthropomorphized embodiment of dreams. So why wasn't it announced when Warner Bros dropped a half dozen superhero movie release dates on us last week? And where were the Fables movie, or Justice League Dark? Neil Gaiman answers that question succinctly on Tumblr:

It’s not a DC Comics film. It’s a Vertigo film. That’s a different slate of films, and a different announcement.

A different slate of films and a different announcement - which means we could be hearing more about Vertigo movies in the coming months. 

Of course I sort of shrug at the 'different announcement' thing - they announced Harry Potter movies, Lego movies and HBO going streaming-only at the exact same event, so why not throw in some Vertigo as well?

Still, this indicates that Gaiman believes there's a Sandman announcement yet to come, and that there will be other Vertigo movies to be announced as well.