Watch THE SIMPSONS’ Latest “Treehouse Of Horror” Take On Kubrick

Let's play spot the in-joke!

This past Sunday, The Simpsons aired its 25th Treehouse of Horror episode. I missed it, as it's been years since The Simpsons was considered must-watch programming in my household, but by most accounts it was a pretty solid entry in the series: there was a segment where Bart and Lisa went to Hell, another where the present-day Simpsons family encountered the original, Tracey Ullman Show-era Simpsons family (along with Dr. Marvin Monroe), and another segment that took on Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

A clip from the episode, embedded above, has made its way online thanks to the folks at Vulture, and it's actually pretty entertaining, especially if you're a Kubrick fan. In this segment (titled "A Clockwork Yellow"), Moe steps into the Malcolm McDowell role, with Homer, Lenny and Carl serving as his gang of droogs (here called "glugs"). One thing leads to another, and they find themselves at an Eyes Wide Shut-style orgy at the Burns mansion, where...well, look, just watch the clip above. In just under two minutes, the segment manages to pack in a number of Kubrick gags (against all odds, the Barry Lyndon callback is probably the highlight).

You can head on over to Hulu to check out the full episode, or you could just stay here, kick back in a rocking chair in the comments section, and spend half an hour schooling today's youngsters on how great The Simpsons used to be back in your day, when Conan O'Brien was writing for the show and Phil Hartman was still popping in on the regular.