Get Your First Look At Johnny Depp Wearing A Dumb Hat In INTO THE WOODS

The Big Bad Wolf goes to Glamour Shots.

About a month ago we saw the first trailer for Into the Woods, and in it, we saw a hilarious teaser of Johnny Depp's Big Bad Wolf character, clawing his way around a tree, his face obstructed from view as his name flashed up on the screen -- as if the reveal of what his character looks like is some huge deal. I've long surmised that when Depp considers a role, it's like that old commercial for the kids' game Guess Who?, with him gleefully asking the casting director, "Does your person wear a hat?!" If the answer is no, he will likely not star in your film.

I mean, we all pretty much knew this Big Bad Wolf dude would be wearing some silly hat and have the kind of skeevy facial hair typically reserved for baristas who insist on making Magritte paintings in the foam of your artisanal small batch pumpkin spice lattes. Pat yourselves on the back and reward yourselves with a treat because GUESS WHO?!, guys, your person totally wears a dumb fucking hat.

Here he is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Lila Crawford, who plays Little Red Riding Hood, and he's striking his very best pose for strip mall Glamour Shots, displaying his bushy tail like it's a giant penis, one leg up like Captain Morgan, and dressed like he's going to Zoot Suit Riot at a prom in 1998. This is my ultimate douche chill nightmare.

EW also has the rest of the cast, including Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick, on various other covers, if you're into seeing them.