HALO: NIGHTFALL Gets A Pretty Loaded Trailer

Coming soon, to an Xbox near you!

I only have a brief familiarity with the Halo games. There was a time when I played Halo 2 with a pal for a while, but he kept kicking my ass so I quit. Because that’s how I roll. But even with that limited experience, I still saw a few things that were very familiar in this trailer.

So I imagine you Haloheads out there probably picked up a bunch more. Hopefully that’s exciting for you rather than just obnoxious pandering. It seems like the Halo world really could handle a for real movie. Until that day arrives, at least there’s this very deluxe-looking digital series executive produced by Ridley Scott.

You will be able to see this show when it premieres November 11 bundled with the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.