Bradley Pitts Gets Grilled On New Episode Of BETWEEN TWO FERNS

Plus, a surprise cameo!

This might be the most uncomfortable episode of Between Two Ferns yet. This show’s always been kind of mean spirited, but I think it jumps to a new level here. So of course it’s great.

You have to give it to Brad Pitt. This is the first episode where I kept forgetting that the interview subject is also in on the joke (though the Bruce Willis episode came close). That’s good acting! Pitt just stews as Galifianakis asks him mean question after mean question and it genuinely looks like someone’s about to get punched in the face. There is some face spitting, but it's not the same thing.

I honestly like it better when the guests interact with Galifianakis more, and there’s no way this wasn’t going to be a step down from the Barack Obama episode, but a new episode of Between Two Ferns is a new episode of Between Two Ferns. For the gum hijinks alone this is totally worth a watch.