Mondo Celebrates 75 YEARS OF BATMAN With A Sprawling New Gallery Show

It's the Dark Knight's birthday, and Mondo's celebrating in style.

It's Batman's 75th anniversary, and to celebrate, the good folks at Mondo have just opened a massive gallery showcase in the Dark Knight's honor. Featuring artwork from Kilian Eng, Jock, Kevin Tong, Tom Whalen, Martin Ansin, Craig Drake and literally dozens of others, Mondo's latest is - like the Marvel showcase they held earlier this year - a sprawling, comic book-themed orgy for the eyes.

Below, you'll find images for every screenprint featured in Mondo's 75 Years of Batman. I'm told there are a number of original pieces on display in the show, as well (note: I'm writing this before the showcase actually opens, so I've yet to see any of the OGs in the flesh; I'm sure there'll be contributing artists who aren't named below), and later in the weekend Mondo's hosting a screening of The Dark Knight at the South Lamar Drafthouse to close out Batman's birthday weekend (there'll be another poster available there, too).  There will be more to discuss in the days ahead, in other words. For now, just check out this amazing collection of images.

Batman Begins / The Dark Knight by Kevin Tong (24x36", editions of 275 reg/150 variant)

 The Dark Knight Rises by Kevin Tong (24x36", edition of 275 reg/150 var)

Batman and ManBat by Alex Pardee (36x24", editions of 200 each)

Batman 1966 (Reg) by Martin Ansin (24x36", edition of 375)

The Tumbler by DKNG (18x24", edition of 225)

Catwoman (24x36", ed of 175) and Harley Quinn (24x36", ed of 225) by Craig Drake

Batgirl / Watch The World Burn by Jason Edmiston (18x24", editions of 150/275)

 Riddler / Joker by Jason Edmiston (18x24", editions of 200/225)

Batman Beyond by Kilian Eng (24x36", edition of 325)

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain by Francesco Francavilla (24x36", edition of 225)

Batman by Brandon Holt (18x24", edition of 275 reg/125 variant)

The Dark Knight Returns by JC Richards (24x36", edition of 275)

Black Mirror by Jock (24x36", edition of 275)

Year One (Reg) / Year One (Variant) by Jock (24x36", editions of 250 reg/125 variant)

Heart of Ice (Reg) / Heart of Ice (Variant) by Phantom City Creative (18x24", editions of 225/125)

The Dark Knight Rises by Jay Shaw (18x24", edition of 100)

Batman 1966 and Robin 1966 by Silence TV (23.6x14.5", editions of 300)

Batman: Year One by Matt Taylor (12x36", edition of 300)

Ace The Bathound by Tiny Kitten Teeth (8x10", Edition of 75)

Death In The Family by We Buy Your Kids (18x24", edition of 135 reg/75 variant)

Gotham By Gaslight by Tom Whalen (12x36", edition of 250)

Which ones are you guys in love with? I think I'm prepared to give the "Best In Show" award to Jason Edmiston's Heath Ledger/Joker portrait (Watch The World Burn), but I'm also pretty damn impressed with Jock's Year One cross-sections, as well as Matt Taylor's piece for the same title. Also hard not to dig that Ansin Batman 1966 (which had a variant version previously only available at this year's San Diego Comic-Con).

If you're interested in seeing some of the OGs that were available at the show (as well as the print dropping on Sunday, at the Dark Knight screening), you can stay tuned to my Twitter feed; I'll post images as soon as it becomes cool to do so. You can also keep an on the @MondoNews Twitter feed for information on when some of these prints will make their way online for purchase by non-Austin residents/those who made the pilgrimage out for the show. Special thanks to Fons PR, the hardworking folks at the Mondo Gallery, DC Comics, and every contributing artist who've made this showcase such an event.