THE CROW Has His Black Nail Polish Fingers Crossed For An Early 2015 Production Start

Now all they need is an actor.

Whenever you're feeling down, don't forget that there is eventually going to be a new The Crow movie. There’s just no way around it. This story, in which a murdered guy comes back from the dead dressed like a goth clown and kills everyone responsible for his death, is just too strong to ignore. It’s sort of part of our human heritage at this point, and food just doesn’t taste as good when there's no new Crow movie on the way.

Luckily, we’ve had a Crow movie coming for some time now. As far as we know, F. Javier Gutiérrez is still attached to direct. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, we even have a production start looming. Producer Ed Pressman claims shooting should begin early next year.

That sounds great! Except they still don’t have a Crow. We’ve heard a lot of names associated with the role, guys like Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, even Bradley Cooper. I imagine we’ll learn who will be dressing like a killer mime soon enough, but for now it’s still up in the air. All I know is he BETTER play a goddamn soulful guitar solo on the room of his dark house. Otherwise what’s the point?