Phil Lord And Chris Miller To Write THE LEGO MOVIE 2, Thank Goodness

Can the magic duo surprise us again?

Obviously there’s no stopping a second Lego movie. The first not only made a ton of money (way over $5), but people actually liked it. And by that I mean grown ups, many with college degrees and bills and stuff like that.

But few of us grown ups really expected that Lego movie to be as good as it was. Maybe a little good, but not THAT good. The blame for all that quality tends to fall at the feet of duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller. So it should please fans to learn that they’ll be back to pen the sequel.

We don’t know if they’ll direct the film, however. The Lego Movie’s animation supervisor, Chris McKay, was initially going to direct it, but he’s since been shifted over to the fast-tracked Lego Batman movie, so it’s currently an open seat.

Whoever fills that chair, the sequel already seems to have a bit of credibility built in thanks to Lord and Miller’s involvement. Let’s hope that actually materializes in another Lego film that's way better than it should be.