Steven Spielberg’s Adaptation Of THE BFG Gets Its Star

Quite possibly the biggest movie star working today.

As a quick refresher, Steven Spielberg is making movies again. Right now he’s shooting a Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks. After that, he's working on The BFG. This Cold War film also has the mostly theater-based actor Mark Rylance in it. Now Rylance also has the role of Mr. BFG himself.

The BFG is a giant. You may know him from the Roald Dahl book. It’s also called The BFG. It is not a sandwich. Quick refresher over.

This Mark Rylance guy must be pretty great. He has three Tonys, one James, and two Brads. He’s also widely considered one of the greatest current Shakespearean actors, an accolade hampered somewhat by the fact that he’s also known as a Shakespearean truther. That means he doesn’t think Shakespeare wrote his own plays, America's next hot button issue once we solve sexism, racism, don’tlikegayism, and Pepsi-over-Cokeism.

Not knowing the guy, I don’t know how exciting this is, necessarily. It would appear Spielberg cast him based on what he could bring to the role rather than his super-fame. So if you have faith in Spielberg, I suppose this is worth some excitement.