Keanu Reeves And Keanu Reeves Sign On For REPLICAS

Just kidding. You know there can only be one Keanu Reeves.

I’ve always really liked Keanu Reeves, but after John Wick the guy kind of has a movie royalty thing going. Even before John Wick, we had Man of Tai Chi. Reeves waited all that time to direct a movie, and when he finally did it was a really well done multi-language genre entry that succeeded largely because Reeves had the humility to focus on something small and simple rather than overblown and epic. I love the guy!

So now anything he does has a little added interest. That includes his upcoming Eli Roth movie, Knock Knock, this weird Passengers movie, and his upcoming TV show, Rain.

According to Variety, it also includes a movie called Replicas. This one’s all about a neuroscientist who raises all kinds of science fiction hell to bring back his newly dead family. Reeves himself wrote a treatment for the film with Stephen Hamel, which was turned into a script by Chad St. John.

That’s basically all we know at the moment, but for us Keanu Reeves super fans, it’s still pretty exciting, especially since Reeves had a hand in the writing process.