THE INHUMANS: A Whole New Series Of Franchises For Marvel

All the rumors are true: you'll get dosed in Terrigen Mists in 2019. 

Without mutants the Marvel Cinematic Universe is missing a certain quality of superhumans, those characters who just show up en masse and whose origins are easy to explain away ("Oh, he's a mutant. Next!"). In their place is coming The Inhumans, one of Marvel's deeper cut character groups, and possibly integral to the future of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Marvel Studios prez Kevin Feige says that the Inhumans offer up not just one new franchise featuring dozens of new characters, but "a series of franchises unto themselves." The Inhumans are an ancient genetic offshoot of humanity; when they reach maturity they are doused in a chemical known as a the Terrigen Mists, which triggers latent abilities within them. Some are mutated into monsters. Some get incredible powers. Some become essentially crippled. They live together in the hidden city of Attilan, and are ruled by Black Bolt, whose power is that his voice is a weapon of mass destruction. His queen is Medusa, whose hair operates like super-strong limbs. Other characters - good and evil - operate within the royal court of Attilan. 

But not all Inhumans live apart from society! Thousands of years ago some Inhumans left Attilan to live among their cousins, the homo sapiens. Over time they integrated, their DNA winding its way through our population. The person next to you on the bus, should they be hit with Terrigen Mists, could be revealed as an Inhuman. You could be revealed as an Inhuman. 

Feige said that we'll start seeing the Inhumans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, which backs up the rumors that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be Inhumans in this continuity as opposed to mutants. Their powers have been unlocked by the tampering of Baron Von Strucker, who has been using Chitauri tech to try and create superhumans. There's a reason why The Twins are the only two subjects who survived. 

It's an exciting baseline for Phase Four; even if you don't care about Black Bolt and the entire Game of Thrones style Inhumans universe, the seeds are planted for plenty of new heroes, like the new Miss Marvel, Kamala Khan. That's what Feige is talking about when he envisions The Inhumans opening up all new franchises. The universe is getting bigger. 

All of a sudden nothing is impossible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.