Seven Things You Didn’t Notice In Last Night’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Clip

Evan sorts through the finer details for clues.

Last night, people who still watch Agents of SHIELD were treated to an exiting clip from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Before cutting to an almost exact replica of the trailer we’ve already seen, the clip focused on the Avengers having a party that gets crashed by Baby Ultron. And while it may seem like everything was straightforward enough, I’ve since watched the clip many times and found some well hidden indicators of what’s in store for us this summer. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

This is Thor’s hammer. It’s called Mojito (Mo-JEE-toh). Only Thor can pick it up because he is the strongest. This may mean that no one in the film but Thor can pick up the hammer, a possibly important plot element.

That guy on the right is Rhodey Rhodes, Iron Man’s best friend. Neither of them can pick up Thor’s hammer individually, so they try to hold hands and pick it up with the power of love. It apparently does not work, leading us to believe that their relationship will become strained by the end of the film.

The guy here is named Captain America. He’s the nicest Avenger, so he thinks perhaps that kindness will give him what he needs to pick up the hammer. While he does budge it a little, ultimately he does not succeed. Sometimes that little spark of hope traps us into constantly trying to overcome no-win situations. This could be the driving force of Captain America’s arc in the film.

The Avengers saved the world in the first film, and in return the world loves them back. This means they are celebrities. So when they party, as we see here, they party with rock stars. The guy on the right is obviously a drummer because he’s spinning around a drumstick. The guy on the left is probably the lead singer in this likely popular fictional band, perhaps a play on young Steven Tyler. This is not confirmed, but if you look at Thor’s coat, it’s not impossible that he’s actually IN the band as well.

This is Black Widow. She has that name because she kills people and her hair is black. If you look close, you may notice that she is drinking a beer. This seems to indicate that she will also have to battle a powerful drinking problem.

Clever sound editing makes this seem like a piercing screech is hurting everyone’s ears. But look at Tony Stark. He’s hardly fazed. In fact, he looks pleased and even a little proud. We believe that in the released film, the loud noise will actually be his flatulence.

Here we see Ultron, a robot who really wants to be an Avenger. As you can see, he’s pretty weak and feeble. It probably won’t take the Avengers very long to destroy him for interrupting their fun party.

That's it for now, but I promise to keep watching this clip over and over until I find more juicy Easter Eggs, even after the movie comes out.