This FOXCATCHER Poster Is The Most Hilariously Serious Poster Ever Created

Mom! Your angry male strippers are here!

Is it wrong that I can’t take Foxcatcher seriously? Am I just in a whole different dimension on this film? People seem to love it. Meanwhile, I can’t shake the idea that this is all some big, elaborate prank.

I feel like it’s not my fault. The film has been putting out posters, teasers, and trailers for what seems like a decade now, and each bit I get further solidifies my stance. It's all just so eagerly dour.

Look at this great new poster. Channing Tatum is serious facing so hard. Like Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker hard. He wants to hurt you with his eyeballs. Meanwhile, Steve Carell looks like The Penguin. Then you have Mark Ruffalo, bald, bearded, and ready to shoot a Funny or Die video. And don’t forget, they are all wearing wrestling jackets, man.

Even the film’s praise seems like a joke. Check out the poster’s quote (paragraph, really) from Variety:

There are great American movies, and then there are great movies that take America as their very subject, from Greed and Citizen Kane to There Will Be Blood and The Social Network. Foxcatcher has that same soaring ambition, and it can hold its own in that August company.

Too much. It’s too much for me. I can’t take it, and I love every moment.

Eventually this film will actually come out (November 14, to be exact), and I will see it. If I’m wrong, I promise to apologize. Until then, I just can’t help myself.