CLERKS 3 Starts In Black And White, Features Jay And Silent Bob, And Is CLERKS 3

Dante and Randal are in it, too.

The world was very taken by Tusk and remains extremely ecstatic for Humper House or whatever the next Kevin Smith movie is called. This new direction has made fans so happy that no one is really asking for a Clerks 3 anymore. But Kevin Smith knows better. If we don’t want something, it’s just because we haven’t seen it yet. With that in mind, here comes some Clerks 3 news.

According to a Smodcast, which is a podcast but with Kevin Smod, Clerks 3 will begin in black and white, sort of how Clerks 2 ended in black and white and Clerks 1 stayed in black and white throughout.

It will also feature Jay and Silent Bob, sort of how Clerks 2 featured Jay and Silent Bob and Clerks 1 featured Jay and Silent Bob.

Also, Jeff Anderson will come back to play Randal again, sort of how he played Randall in Clerks 2 and played Randal in Clerks 1.

But here’s the big shocker - the film will have an Empire Strikes Back darkness to it, sort of like the original ending to Clerks 1 and any scene where a girl kisses Dante in Clerks 2.

Here’s what Smith had to say for himself:

I like where [the story] fucking goes so much. It’s my favorite soap opera now. It’s kinda like The Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks movies. It doesn’t tell the middle story, but it has that kinda feeling.

This is supposed to start shooting in June. Where that leaves Kevin Smith's other upcoming movie, Moose Jaws, we just don’t know because no one asked.