Here Are More Bad Pics, Details From TERMINATOR: GENISYS

What if we all just skipped this movie?

Yesterday the first photos of the cast of Terminator: Genisys landed, along with the terrible, awful plot details - that a T-800 raises an orphaned Sarah Connor to be a badass. Today there are more shitty pics and more shitty details. This new movie is going to directly recreate iconic scenes from the first film:

Schwarzenegger is unstoppable, and this is no mere cameo but a significant role—this time with a whole new suite of technology on his side. In what could be one of the most impressive technical feats yet, the filmmakers plan to re-create the memorable scene in the original ­Terminator when the T-800 lands at L.A.’s Griffith ­Observatory, complete with Schwarzenegger’s 36-year-old face and ripped, naked body. To achieve that, the special-effects team has created a “synthespian,” or synthetic thespian, using a body double plus scans of Schwarz­enegger’s face from the first film merged with what his face looks like now. The result: an entirely CG head of the Terminator circa 1984. “It’s the holy grail of visual effects,” [producer] David Ellison says. “You create a walking, breathing human that doesn’t exist.”

The new pictures include shots of the stars screaming, which is what I've been doing every time I read something new about this movie. 

This can't be the reaction anyone involved was hoping for. This is supposed to be a new trilogy in the making, yet reactions have been immediately hostile. The most positive reaction I heard yesterday was a guy who insisted that other movies have had bad EW photo shoots and been great - an argument that simply ignores the terrible plot of this film, which is what everybody really hates.