What Is GLASS CEILING, And What Does It Have To Do With The Spider-Man Movies?

A rumor coming out of Sony about the women of the Spiderverse.

It's pretty clear to everybody that Sony doesn't know what to do with their Spider-Man franchise. I think all the talk of the studio giving Spidey to Marvel is pretty wild and out there; a sharing deal isn't impossible, but I don't think Sony has fallen far enough for that yet. Are there talks? Maybe. I think there have been talks about this for years now (three Comic-Cons ago I got the most intriguing, off-the-record non-answer about this from a Marvel higher up. Three years ago), but I'm simply not sure Sony is ready to make that leap. 

Especially because they have other stuff they're toying with in the Spiderverse. I've already told you what I heard about Sinister Six - that it could feature Spidey teaming up with the villains in a Dirty Dozen style story, and that it might serve as the softest of reboots for the franchise, allowing Sony to simply drop away the specifics of the Amazings and keep the character we already know - but I've also heard about another Spiderverse team movie. A team movie that is based on an original concept not drawn from the comics. 

We heard that Sony has plans for a female Spidey character to get her own movie, but what if the plans were for all the female Spidey characters to come together in one movie? That's the premise of the project they're calling Glass Ceiling (likely not the actual title) - a team-up movie that would bring the female Spidey characters together. 

There are not a ton of female superheroes that would be part of the Spider-Man package. The ones that spring immediately to mind are:

The Black Cat

Silver Sable



It's not really clear if Spider-Woman is part of the package, but I suspect she is. It's also possible that Firestar, who was created for the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon, is part of the movie package. Black Cat, of course, is a cat burglar who has the power to give other people bad luck. Silver Sable is a gun-toting mercenary. 

Spider-Girl and Silk are much lesser-known characters, with Silk being brand new. It turns out she was also bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, and so she's a Spider-type as well. Spider-Girl is a character from an alternate universe. Speaking of alternate universes: the upcoming Spiderverse event, which sees every iteration of Spider-Man coming together (yes, even the 1970s TV version) could be introducing female variants on characters who would end up belonging to Sony. 

Is Glass Ceiling actually going to happen? It's one of the ideas that Sony has been kicking around. As I've said before, I don't think Sony even knows what they're doing, so claiming that this is actually happening is incredibly premature. It's an idea that's out there.