Whatever Rob Zombie’s 31 Is, He Plans To Shoot It In February

Murderclowns. What more do you need to know?

Rob Zombie has some real stinkers on his resume, but he has some really strange and great movies as well. It helps a lot that one of these really good films was his latest, The Lords of Salem. That way when I think of Rob Zombie movies, I don’t have that Halloween stuff automatically on my mind.

I’ve sort of lost track of what he’s been up to lately. In recent months, the big thing with Zombie has been a partially crowd-funded movie called 31, a prequel to the Smashing Pumpkins’ “33.” Zombie’s currently trying to sell the film to the international marketplace at AFM (I think. I honestly don’t know how any of this funding stuff works), and in doing so, let out that he plans to shoot the film in February.

The film itself sounds incredible. Set during Halloween, 31 finds five kidnapped carnies who have to survive a place called Murder World while maniacal clowns try to hunt and kill them. I’m pretty much in love with this from word one.

31 doesn’t have a cast or anything like that, but Zombie already has a bunch of money for it, so his plan to shoot in February seems likely. I can’t wait.