FURIOUS 7 Trailer: He’s Got Family

Now this is a GREAT trailer.

My biggest complaint about the trailer for Furious 7 (yes, this is the official title of Fast and Furious 7) is that the opening sequence is cut down from what is clearly a huge, long action setpiece. I kind of hate when they do this, because by giving us the highlights of that setpiece the studio takes away the oomph when we see it in full. I don't mind seeing pieces of the action - I just don't want the Cliff's Notes version. And I think this is largely the future of movie trailers. 

But otherwise: yes! This series is clearly leaning into the James Bond/supehero side of things, and I couldn't be happier. The Rock breaking off his own cast is a moment for eternity. Vin Diesel saying he doesn't have friends, he has family - well, that sums up why we love these dumb movies so very much. 

And ending on a long shot of Paul Walker? Very touching. 

I can't wait.