Never Mind: Christian Bale Is Not Going To Play Steve Jobs

He can't compete with Ashton Kutcher, is the thing. 

Christian Bale has decided he's not man enough or bald enough or something enough to take on the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin biopic that is totally separate from the Ashton Kutcher movie I can't tell if anyone actually watched. 

Per THR: 

Sources say Bale, after much deliberation and conflicting feelings, came to the conclusion he was not right for the part and decided to withdraw. 

There might be some awkwardness with whomever they hire to replace him, considering Sorkin said this a couple of weeks ago: 

We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale.

I'm sure the second best actor will suffice, too. And actually, Leonard DiCaprio was also offered the role, according to THR, but passed before entering negotiations. I wonder what this means for the news that Seth Rogen is in talks to play Steve Wozniak in the picture, if anything. I think as long as they hire James Franco to replace Bale, they can keep Rogen happy enough.