Watch The Trailer For A MOST VIOLENT YEAR

JC Chandor takes Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain to New York City, 1981.

I was just reflecting on how much I like movies about New York City in the 70s and early 80s. The city was in real trouble, bankrupt and crime-ridden, and it had turned into a living nightmare. Setting A Most Violent Year in New York City in 1981 gives you a sense of the world director JC Chandor is looking to bring alive. 

People complain about superhero movies and how they're ruining cinema, but in December you'll be able to see this movie, featuring two great actors and with a bit of a budget, directed by a guy who last year made a movie that was just Robert Redford on a sinking boat for two hours. I understand that the franchises and the blockbusters take up a lot of the cultural real estate, but the truth is that there are plenty of other films out there, and movies like Star Wars Episode VII help Oscar Isaac become a name who can sell tickets to a movie like this. And whose involvement can get a movie like this financed.

Will A Most Violent Year be great? Who knows - I hope to find out Thursday when it opens AFI Fest. But in the meantime grown-up fillms are being made, and rather than complain about what we don't like, why don't we focus on movies like this? (That's rhetorical, because I like both kinds of movies)