White Coach’s Burden: Kevin Costner In The MCFARLAND, USA Trailer

Kevin Costner is here to inspire us with sports again.

I was all set to eye-roll McFarland, USA because it looked like yet another white savior movie - Kevin Costner's Coach White trains a group of Mexican kids to be cross country runners (and.... swelling music... champions!). But when the trailer had the kids acknowledge the coach's on-the-nose (and true) last name, I relaxed. 

A little! Until the U2 started. But still, McFarland, USA looks to be good old certified Disney cheese, the sort you want in your diet every now and again. It's directed by Niki Caro, who made the less schmaltzy Whale Rider, so maybe McFarland, USA is going to end up being more than what this trailer is selling. It wouldn't be the first time that a studio hid an interesting movie behind a boring ad campaign. Then again, there was Million Dollar Arm