KLOWN FOREVER, The Sequel To KLOWN, Is Shooting Right Now!

Great news for people who like to laugh at bad behavior.

If you haven’t seen Klown (also spelled as Klovn), I just don’t know what to tell you, other than fix that as soon as you can. When I first saw the film, I ended up just starting it over and watching it again. The film (and the TV show, for that matter) is seriously dark, seriously ribald, and seriously hilarious. It also manages to be seriously adorable somehow.

All this makes me so happy to report that a sequel, titled Klown Forever (also spelled as Klovn Forewer), is now shooting in the US. Obviously both Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam (also spelled Hwam) are returning - as actors and writers. Mia Lyhne is also returning to play the most put upon wife in recent memory.

Whatever happens with Klown Forever over here, it’ll likely be a huge hit in its home country where it will come out September 2015. Buy your international flight tickets now.