LA: Come See THE ASTROLOGER Saturday For Devin’s Birthday

The hyper-rare, ultra-wacko movie is playing The Cinefamily and Devin's spending his birthday there.

This weekend I turn 29 for the 12th time, and if you're in Los Angeles you can join me in celebration by watching The Astrologer at the Cinefamily. There's no better way for me to ring in another year on this godforsaken planet than by watching a total piece of what-the-fuckery that is so rare even one of the co-stars thought every print was destroyed. 

And they almost were. The Astrologer is the first film that AGFA (the American Genre Film Archive) restored after their successful fundraising campaign. It's a movie that counts Tim League and Nicolas Winding Refn as huge fans, and it's the only movie that a man named Craig Denney ever made. It'll never get a real release because it makes extensive and illegal use of Moody Blues songs, and it's the work of a totally unhinged visionary. From the Fantastic Fest film guide:

A carnival con man discovers that he has genuine psychic powers and uses them to become an astrology bigwig. But the plot isn’t necessarily the focus of THE ASTROLOGER. It’s the kind of film where the main character makes a movie that is basically THE ASTROLOGER within the movie and then we get to spend a few minutes watching The Astrologer watch THE ASTROLOGER inside the movie THE ASTROLOGER! It’s the kind of movie that has an entire dynamic dinner scene shot entirely in slow-motion. It’s the kind of movie where someone shouts, “You’re not an astrologer... YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!” And it’s all done without an ounce of irony. It’s all genuine, it’s all passion, it’s all GOOD. 

I missed the film at Fantastic Fest so I am incredibly excited to see it here. How good is the movie? Many people who saw the film at Fantastic Fest are coming to see it a second time. One of my friends was moved to make t-shirts commemorating the movie. It's THAT good.

But this screening just got even better - co-star Arthyr Chadbourn (who is also Doctor Demento's manager) is coming to do a Q&A! Chadbourn hasn't seen the film since 1975, since he believed it had been completely destroyed, and he'll be coming out to watch it with us and then explain the absolute madness that must have been going on behind the scenes.

So come celebrate weird cinema with me this Saturday. You can buy tickets right here.