Announcing The “As You Wish” PRINCESS BRIDE Pint Glass

Pick up your collectible PRINCESS BRIDE pint glass at select theaters or pre-order online and celebrate twue love all through the holidays!

Last month, we hosted Cary Elwes for a very special screening of The Princess Bride Quote-Along where all attendees received a signed copy of his new memoir as well as the first release from our new collectible pint glass collection, the "As You Wish."

Today we’re happy to announce that that first glass is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase at select Alamo theaters and for pre-order online at!

Each glass features a six-color illustration by Austin artist Eric Manche in a full wrap-around, screenprinted design depicting the scene where Buttercup realizes the Dread Pirate Roberts was her beloved Westley all along - and so she flings herself down the hill after him.

The glasses are made and screenprinted here in the USA. The full wrap-around design covers 98% of the glass, giving it vintage styling inspired by the pop culture soda glasses released by fast food restaurants in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

We're taking pre-orders through November 30 for this glass. After that, Princess Bride fans will have to wait until February of 2015 for the release of our second glass, “I Am Not Left-Handed.”

The Action Pack and Alamo Drafthouse present The "AS YOU WISH" PINT GLASS from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.