Get Ready For LOOK WHO’S BACK: It’s Like BORAT, Only With Hitler

The director of WETLANDS returns with a new comedy that's certain to raise no amount of controversy whatsoever.

Earlier this year, Devin introduced us all to Wetlands , a filthy German dramedy from director David Wnendt (here's the film's gag-inducing trailer, and here's Devin's review). Perhaps proving that American audiences aren't yet ready for a film wherein an adorable, hygiene-adverse German girl cleans off a dirty toilet seat with her vagina, Wetlands didn't make much of an impact at the box office when it opened here in September. It was, however, a bit of a hit overseas, and now Wnendt has lined up a pretty impressive follow-up gig.

Deadline's reporting that Wnendt will direct an adaptation of Timur Vermes' best-selling novel, Look Who's Back, a satirical "What if?"-style tale that imagines Hitler waking up in a vacant lot in modern-day Germany before setting out on a brand new series of misadventures. Here's what they're saying about the film over at Deadline:

(Constantin Films) is replicating the Borat model, thrusting its notorious central character played by unknown German actor Oliver Masucci into unsuspecting real-life situations in Germany.

...Reaction to the “pre-shoots” with Masucci as Der Fuhrer has spread virally across the country, where the dark days of Nazi rule remain a blot on the German psyche. The shoot will take place all over Germany with a particular emphasis in Berlin.  

So, like Borat, only with Hitler? And it's actually being shot over in Germany? And the guy who directed Wetlands is at the helm? Oh, boy. This has the potential to be a tasteless, deeply offensive and genuinely shocking film. I can't wait to see it. Perhaps I should give the novel (which was translated and published here in the States back in March) a whirl before the film version arrives. Anyone out there already read Look Who's Back? If so, how was it? If nothing else, the cover's pretty great: