Meet The Original Jarvis In This AGENT CARTER Clip

Plus see Howard Stark and Agent Carter share a hug!

I'm very excited about Agent Carter, the new Marvel Universe TV show that will fill in during Agents of SHIELD's hiatus in January. Set in 1946 it follows Peggy Carter, newly home from war and with the fledgling SHIELD, as she hunts down stolen Stark tech and tries to navigate being a strong woman in a world that isn't ready for her. I love Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, I love the setting, and I'm excited about the show's limited nature - it won't be stretching to fill 22 hours. 

This clip shows Peggy and Howard Stark saying their goodbyes, and Peggy meeting Edward Jarvis, the Stark family butler who clearly inspired Tony's later AI (who becomes The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron). I'm interested in seeing how this relationship works, because they're both English, and the usual TV shorthand is to have a stuffy Englishman and a rowdy American teamed up. I can picture a TV show with Howard and Jarvis very easily, but a Peggy/Jarvis relationship intrigues.

Speaking of relationships: I have to see the whole show to make a real judgement, but man does this clip immediately defuse any Howard/Peggy sexual tension. That hug, and the 'pal' line right after he's so tenderly holding her hand. I know that Peggy and Howard don't end up together, but maybe tease it out a little more.