Take Your First Gander At Kurt Russell In BONE TOMAHAWK

This is probably going to be your new favorite movie, so get ready.

First off, you name a movie Bone Tomahawk, my eyebrows go up and my ears twitch a little. I’m going to be alert for whatever comes next. Then you tell me it stars Kurt Russell. Does he have facial hair? If the answer is yes, I already want to see this movie. But after that, you tell me Bone Tomahawk is a western in which Russell fights off a bunch of cannibals? And it also stars Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson, and Matthew Fox? I am 100% in.

This may all sound like some teenage stoner’s fantasy movie, but it’s really happening. To prove it, Entertainment Weekly has released the above photo. That is Kurt Russell on a horse, looking badass. I mean, even his scuffed-up horse looks cool. This movie doesn’t even need cannibals, though I’m glad they’ll be around.

2015 is seriously going to be a good year for Russell. He’s in a Tarantino film, a Fast and Furious film, and now this. Hopefully that also translates to a better year for us. I haven’t done the research on this, but I have a theory that our national health is directly tied with Kurt Russell’s cinematic badassery. That's probably not accurate.

(via Fangoria)