TOY STORY 4 Coming Seven Years After The Last One

This time it's about ethics in toys journalism.

John Lasseter is getting back into the director's chair for Toy Story 4, which will be released in June of 2017, seven solid years after Toy Story 3 seemingly tied a nice bow onto the story of Woody, Buzz and all the rest of the toys. 

There are not many more details - perhaps this time Woody and Buzz will investigate ethics in toys journalism - but by my estimates Andy will be old enough to have kids of his own. Maybe it's a soft reboot. By which I mean they give Woody a new boot with a different kid's name on it. 

Could it be good? Sure! But man, Pixar, this is not what we've been looking forward to. Yeah, we're getting some new films - Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur - but a return to Toy Story (coming on the heels of a Finding Nemo sequel and possibly right before a Cars 3) seems sorta boring. 

Am I just jaded? I guess if you were the right age in 1995 the endless adventures of Buzz and Woody have a certain appeal, but I feel like the Toy Story trilogy told a nice story and we can all move on. 

Although.... what if this is the Avengers of the Disney universe? What if all the Star Wars and Marvel and Cars characters show up? The non-licensed nature of Andy's toys always felt weird - what are the odds that we see Darth Vader going up againg Buzz Lightyear*?

* Note, I know we've seen a Vader-like character. But he wasn't Vader. He wasn't a marketing bonanza.