Check Out This Trailer For The Totally Fake BIRDMAN RETURNS

This movie looks kind of awful.

Boy, that Birdman. Not really all that funny, not really all that poignant, not really all that anything. I’m not sure I hated the film, but I’m starting to see how little I liked it.

There are like two or three novelties disguising the film’s ultimate emptiness, and one of them is the fact that Michael Keaton plays a guy famous for playing a costumed super hero in the 1990s. This ends up being largely arbitrary in the film. The point is that he artistically sold out; Birdman has no interest in exploring (the fictional) Birdman itself. Instead it just throws that out there and leaves to us to fill that blank with our memory of Michael Keaton and his Batman films.

Which is why I think it would have been great if the film featured something like the above trailer for Birdman Returns. This was cut for marketing reasons only, but it at least helps us get a better sense of what these Birdman movies were like.

As far as fake trailers go, it’s actually not that great. And anyone who decides to see Birdman based on the above video will probably end up being super disappointed, not because it’s not a superhero film, but because it highlights something the actual movie has little interest in. It also kind of represents a sense of humor Birdman mostly lacks.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting novelty. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments.