The BROAD CITY Season 2 Trailer Is Here And This Kitten Has Got Some Explaining To Do!

This is the happiest day of our lives!

Now this is what is UP. Broad City is, without a doubt, the greatest comedy revelation of the year. Ilana and Abbi are coming back on January 14th, and after a series of fun webisodes, we've finally got a full trailer for the second season of Broad City, which I am so anxious to see that I am basically convulsing right now.

For the uninitiated, Broad City stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as fictional versions of themselves, 20-something BFFs living in New York and getting into shenanigans as they try to navigate work and relationships. And I'll stop you right there because yeah, that sounds like the premise of other shows you've already seen, but you won't see Ilana and Abbi bickering over boys or having Serious Drama because they're not being supportive of each other's hopes and dreams. This show is straight-up hilarious -- these girls are weird and wacky and flawed and get into some cringe-worthy situations, but not in the overtly dramatic sense displayed on Girls (and I do love Girls, too, so no hate). It's relatable and real, but it's fucking funny, and sometimes surreal.

The second season trailer promises more Lincoln (Hannibal Buress), more Parkour, some titty chips, a righteous Pretty Woman moment, and Abbi finally getting her chance to lead a class at the gym -- which obviously goes horribly wrong right away. There's also an intruder kitty and a guest appearance from Seth Rogen. And so much more! This trailer is PACKED with hilarity, so watch it and then watch it again (and then go revisit the first season for the fourth time, if you're like me) and rejoice because our girls are coming back very soon. UH DOYYYYYY.