Sony Rumored To Be Making A Spider-Man Free Aunt May Spinoff Prequel

We’ve entered surreal mode.

You may want to check your calendar to double check it’s not April Fool’s Day. I can assure you it’s not, but maybe your faith in me has already waned thanks to the headline you just clicked.

This is a rumor (albeit one from Latino-Review, so it has a bit more weight to it), and it may end up being nothing, but yes, there are apparently plans to make an Aunt May movie.

Unfortunately, this would not be a film where Sally Field jumps around kicking people’s asses all day in the name of sweet, homespun justice. Keeping with the absolute lamest mandates of our current popular culture landscape, this would be a prequel. I feel like an asshole just writing this, but the idea is that Aunt May was a spy or some kind of Agent Carter ripoff when she was a youngster.

I hate to automatically dismiss the rare chance for a female-centric superhero movie, but in this particular case it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude. We get a lot of movies no one asked for. This might be the least asked for movie idea ever. It’s almost aggressively unasked for, like a taunt.

Like I said above, we’re in the rumor zone right now. So just have fun with it. No one needs to get hurt over this.