Badass Podcast #24: Raining Pain Upon INTERSTELLAR

Phil is shocked to hear Evan be so negative about a movie.

This week Phil and I get down and dirty with Interstellar, a movie Phil thought was more or less okay and Evan came very close to hating. I promise we are not just bating for combative comments. We then go through all Nolan’s films one by one, weighing the pros and cons of each while shamefully copping to the ones we haven’t seen.

We also talk about the great horror film, The Babadook, which you should all see when it comes out in a couple weeks. Normally we’re very big on spoilers, but since this film has not yet been released, we tread lightly. I promise!

On top of all that, there is just a ton of bullshit. As usual. If you’re into that, please give us good ratings and comments on iTunes and spread the word! The Badass Padcast Podcast must reign supreme!