K The Butcher Shitter Is Back In This VIOLENT SHIT - THE MOVIE Trailer!

This is pretty much NSWF stuff.

Talk about weird and unexpected. Not that long ago I wrote a thing all about K the Butcher Shitter and the Violent Shit series. And now here comes a new Violent Shit movie. Amazing.

But it gets even more amazing than that. Instead of hacking his way through German forests, slasher-style, K the Butcher Shitter is going full-on giallo. I’m not even sure if I’m getting all this right. Producer Steve Aquilina, who shot, edited, produced, and distributed the original Violent Shit has remade that trilogy with Symphony in Blood Red director Luigi Pastore. Unless I’m mistaken, original director Andreas Schnaas isn’t involved.

So yeah, it’s all a big mixture of German gore and Italian giallo stuff. The film stars Giovanni Lombardo Radice as the devil, who it totally in charge of K the Butcher Shitter’s killing spree.

I’m perplexed, but also overjoyed. This thing was shot last September and is currently being edited. Hopefully we get to see more of it soon.