Writer Mark Boal To Put UNCHARTED Into The Hurt Locker

In a good way. You know, one of those good hurt lockers.

If nothing else, Hollywood is persistent. If Hollywood decides it wants to make an adaptation of the popular video game series, Uncharted, you better believe it’s going to happen. Eventually.

By that I mean to indicate the amount of time and talent that has gone into the development of an Uncharted film. At my last count, it’s taken a gazillion years to go through a zillion almost directors and writers.

Now it has one more. According to THR, The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty writer Mark Boal will write the film’s screenplay. Not just for money, but also because he’s a big fan of the game. Just think. He may have written Zero Dark Thirty’s torture scenes while waiting for button presses during a quicktime event.

As of now, Seth Gordon is set to direct in early 2015. The plot finds main Uncharted guy Lawrence Croft as he looks for El Dorado but instead finds mutants or something. I don’t know. I tried to play this game once in a store, and it was all climbing stuff until they told me to go away because they had to close.

Uncharted still doesn’t have a star. It’s probably not too late to shout Nathan Fillion’s name into your nearest bottomless abyss.