A Preview Of This Weekend’s Forever Fest

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The Alamo Drafthouse presents FOREVER FEST 2014! from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.

I'm headed to Forever Fest tomorrow, and I'm so excited I could do the splits. In the immortal words of Cleo McDowell: I feel like breakdancin'! So here's a glimpse into what I'll be doing this weekend, and what you should ABSOLUTELY be doing, too, if you live in or near Austin and have some free time on your hands. Dudes are welcome - come hang out with me and drink something girly! I won't tell anyone. 

Tomorrow night at 7:30, we're kicking off festivities with a quote-along of Mean Girls, currently celebrating its tenth anniversary and worthy of our most jubilant recognition. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels), Daniel Franzese (Damian) and Daniel DeSanto (Jason) in attendance, and afterwards we'll be hanging at the Spring Fling at the Highball, where I will be dressed in normal clothes and mouse ears because 

Get your tickets to the screening here, and get more details about the party here.

Saturday's a big day! We're starting at 10am with a workshop from Austin nail artists Nails Y'all, so you can learn to DIY those digits, and take a picture of your new mani with the 4F mani cam!

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At 11am, bid me adieu, because I am going to die of cuteness at the Hoppy Hour! It's a whole hour where I can cuddle tiny animals like bunnies and hedgehogs. THIS IS A REAL THING! I am so excited!! And it'll be followed, at noon, by The Cute Brunch, ninety minutes of adorable videos playing on the big screen while I eat some huevos rancheros and drink mimosas. What is my life and how is it so amazing? Please join me for this, because I will need the support of friends to ensure that my heart doesn't literally stop beating. 

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At 2:15pm, we'll have the Meme Girls Panel, in which bloggers like Hello Giggles' Jennifer Romolini, The Toast's Mallory Ortberg and The Hairpin's Jazmine S. Hughes discuss the difficulties and delights in being a woman who writes on the internet. This obviously interests me for a lot of specific reasons, but also just because those ladies rule. 

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At 4:30pm, we're enjoying a repeat of one of my favorite events last year: Danceoke! Professional dancers perform routines from films and music videos while the original dance is played on the screen behind them. It's the best! Here's a pic and some video from last year's event:

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From 5:30-6:30pm, right outside The Highball, our very own Britt will be there to launch her amazing new book I Should Just Not, and 4F attendees will be treated to an exclusive chapter! She'll also be back hanging out during the Pajama Party (read more about that below), so come visit and have a drink with her!

Read more here.

At 7:30pm, we'll be treated to a very special screening of Drafthouse Films' upcoming release Amira & Sam, starring Martin Starr, Paul Wesley and Dina Shihabi and directed by Sean Mullin, all of whom will be in attendance! I'm probably most excited about this - Amira & Sam looks incredible, and Sarah Pitre (co-founder of Forever Fest and one of my best friends, full disclosure) discovered the movie and brought it to Drafthouse Films, who immediately jumped on it, and now DHF and 4F are producing it together! I think it's really cool that the Drafthouse family all believe so heartily in this film, and I've been waiting to watch it until I could see it on the big screen at Forever Fest. The poster was just released today!

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Immediately afterwards, head to The Highball for a pajama party! Wear your PJs (I'm bringing my very special sushi jimjams - they're just like Buffy's!), take some magazine quizzes, play MASH, dance your ass off to the Action Pack Pop Princess music video party AND get your hair braided at the braid bar. I am totally doing this. Molly Ringwald all the way. 

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And finally, on Sunday, they're sending us off with a repeat of last year's rowdiest event, The Wild Brunch! Sarah edits together clips of hot men dancing, sharing their feelings, being shirtless and being Channing Tatum, and we get to watch it while we pig out and, again, drink mimosas. There will be some hootin' and hollerin', trust me. 

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Read my recap from last year's inaugural 4F, and check out the Forever Fest app at the iTunes store! Use it to find out more about all of the above, and take a selfie with the super cute heart filter. 

I'm so proud of Sarah and Brandy Fons for putting together this incredible sophomore year of such a totally singular festival. There's nothing else like Forever Fest on earth, and there's absolutely no other way I'd rather spend my weekend than hanging with these ladies. I hope you'll join me!