Lee Daniels’ Next Will Be The Probably Insane Horror Film DEMON HOUSE

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Sometimes beautiful, unexpected gifts from life just fall into your lap. You never know when it’s going to happen, but when it does, it is almost enough to make one believe in a higher power. This is, for me anyway, one of those gifts.

Deadline reports that Lee Daniels will direct a horror film called Demon House. I’m pretty sure all Lee Daniels movies are horror films already, so the idea of one where he’s actually trying to be fucked up and scary fills me with all kinds of perverse glee.

The film will be based on the real life account of Latoya Ammons, whose family apparently has genuine demonic possession problems. That sounds like a lame excuse for domestic violence incidents, but this stuff has been witnessed by Child Services people and the police. So there you go. Ghosts are real.

If my happiness sounds bizarre, it’s possible you don’t know about the all-out weirdness that comes with a Lee Daniels movie. I have a thing for insane directors who still get to work out in the open as if they weren’t absolutely nuts. Lee Daniels might be at the top of that list. Even his mainstream feel-good movie, The Butler, is filled with bizarre nonsense. I love it, and I already give Demon House five stars.