Dads across time are so hot right now.

Spoilers for Interstellar follow.

As everybody who has seen Interstellar knows, the movie is basically 2001 meets Frequency, so it makes some sense that people would turn their attention to the 2000 Jim Caviezel/Dennis Quaid movie. In that film Jim discovers he can talk to his dead dad thirty years in the past through a radio. They, of course, team up to solve a murder. In Interstellar a dad contacts his younger daughter using gravity as opposed to radio waves, but it's pretty much the same thing (except that Frequency played with the idea of being able to change the past). 

Who wouldn't want to have a guy teaming up with his dead dad over the radio to solve murders every week? This, I assume, is the premise of the Frequency TV show, which NBC is interested in developing. Jeremy Carver, who currently showruns Supernatural, will write the pilot. I honestly don't know how you make a series out of this - it seems like something that would become repetitive really quickly, but it would be cool if it led more people to check out the slight but sweet 2000 film.