VACATION Sequel-boot Gets A Station Wagon Full Of Funny Actors

They are really making this movie hard to ignore.

So on the surface, the bad news is that they are making a Vacation reboot/sequel thing in which Ed Helms plays Rusty Griswold, son of Clark Griswold, as he takes his family on a classic Griswold vacation from Hell.

But then you hear that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are coming back. And that Leslie Mann will play Audrey Griswold. It starts to get more intriguing. But after that, they start filling in side-characters with actors like Samm Levine, Martin Starr, Keegan-Michael Key, Regina Hall, and Christina Applegate. This begins a softening process on the heart.

Now it only gets worse. According to Variety, the film can also boast appearances by Nick Kroll, Tim Heidecker, Michael Peña, and my personal favorite, It's Always Sunny's Kaitlin Olson.

That’s a ton of funny people. Some of them are even weirdo funny people. In the face of such names, I can’t help but grow a bit more interested in this movie than I was initially. At this point, the only real drawback is how little patience I have for large doses of Ed Helms.