ASASSIN’S CREED UNITY: The Monty Python Version

A glitch in the new game brings to mind angry Frenchmen taunting silly English ka-niggits.

Apparently Asassin's Creed Unity has been released with all sorts of game-breaking bugs - and that's without the developers trying to animate women! I don't play these games anymore because they're a unique mixture of tedious and stupid (the video game developement time travel wraparound storyline is an embarrassment), but people are apparently steamed. 

While some of the glitches destroy game play the one above is just delightful. As your character has a serious talk with Napoleon Bonaparte the background NPCs just start yapping it up in conversation, seemingly taunting the player. According to the guy who uploaded this to YouTube he hasn't been able to replicate this exact problem, but has had other instances where NPCs wander into cutscenes and start talking over the main dialogue. 

I love this because the angry Frenchmen in the background remind me of the French in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Are they telling Napoleon his father smells of elderberries?