STARRY EYES Is One Of The Best Horror Films Of The Year, And You Can Watch It Today

The brilliant and brutal indie horror film is out right now. WATCH IT!

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm pals with several of the people involved in Starry Eyes, including BAD's own Noah Segan and Brian Collins, but that has nothing to do with my complete adoration for this film, absolutely one of the best horror flicks of 2014, if not the very best. It follows a struggling actress who is willing to give everything she has to make it in Hollywood - and Hollywood will take everything she has and swallow it whole. 

Today, Starry Eyes is out on VOD and in select theaters, and I'm going to urge you to watch it at least twice more in this post. Check out the trailer above (including a quote from yours truly!), and read my review here and Devin's review here. We both loved it, and you will too. So go watch it! Watch it, goddammit!