Dallas Badasses: TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS Is Coming To Your Alamo Drafthouse!

See the world premiere of Telltale Games' latest adventure, live in cinema.

Telltale Games are some busy-ass game developers. Their adaptation of The Walking Dead is one of the most universally acclaimed games in recent memory, and the concurrently-running The Wolf Among Us proved it wasn't a fluke. They've got a Game of Thrones title hitting at the end of this year to probably ludicrous sales figures, but not before they push another high-profile title (within the gaming world, anyway) out their virtual, cel-shaded doors.

Tales From The Borderlands is predictably set in the weird-West sci-fi Borderlands universe but, unlike its source material, trades shooting and looting for walking and talking; armoured heroes for scrappy losers; simple titles for ones with "Tales From The" in them. Try as I might, I've found repetitive and unsatisfying shooter gameplay to stymie my repeated attempts to get into the main Borderlands games, but the series' wacky world and unhinged, rascally writing are tailor-made for the kind of comedic interactive story Telltale have become so good at.

Better yet: at 8pm Monday November 24, citizens of my old stomping ground of Dallas, Texas, will get a chance to experience a special premiere playthrough of the game, live in cinema at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson. Borderlands creators Gearbox Software and Telltale will be present to play the game, but the major decisions will be made by the audience in attendance, presumably via some sort of Gladiator show-of-thumbs mechanic. There will also be prizes for the best cosplayers, so get your cardboard and body paint ready if you're into that.

Tickets are available from the Alamo Drafthouse website right now, but if, like me, you fled Dallas for a smallish Pacific nation fifteen years ago, or are otherwise unable to attend, you're also covered, because Nerdist.com will be streaming it live on Twitch. You won't get to participate or get the legendary Drafthouse audience experience, but you will be able to watch. Some people like just watching, you know. You can even still dress up if you want, but you'll only impress your cat.