Jon M. Chu Is Making A Dance Movie Set In the ‘90s Called CAN’T TOUCH THIS

This news has hit me so hard, makes me say "oh my lord, thank you for blessing me."

Jon M. Chu - who directed the very best Step Up movie with Step Up 2: The Streets, and he also directed a pretty good Step Up movie in Step Up 3D,  and he also directed some movies that aren't even Step Up movies - is making a "high school dance comedy" (such a good sub-sub-genre) set in the '90s called Can't Touch This

Chu came up with the idea for the story (we don't know what that idea is just yet) and then handed it over to Community writers Annie Mebane and Steve Basilone to write the script. There's no more information yet, but I have to say I'm excited. I know the '90s were a creatively bankrupt time in many ways, but as far as high school comedies are concerned, that decade was second only to, well, the '80s. And Chu knows how to direct a dance sequence or several. And now we come to the real reason I wrote this post: I take every opportunity to show off dance scenes from the Step Up movies. 

From Step Up 2: The Streets:

From Step Up 3D:

Maybe Moose can be in this movie.