See The Trailer For Drafthouse Films’ Impossibly Wonderful AMIRA & SAM

You guys are going to love this movie.

I saw Amira & Sam, Drafthouse Films' latest release, at Forever Fest this weekend, and I fell wholly in love. Get ready to read a lot about Amira & Sam here on BAD, because I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure each and every one of you see this movie. It's a warm, funny, entirely human take on a romantic comedy, and a reminder that the very phrase "romantic comedy" used to mean something great, and that it can mean something great again.

Martin Starr plays a very recently returned veteran who, in the words of writer/director Sean Mullin at this weekend's Q&A, is largely well-adjusted but comes home after many years to discover that America itself has gotten PTSD in the interim. He meets the fiercely independent Amira (Dina Shihabi), the Iraqi niece of a friend he made while he was abroad, and after a pretty rough start the two hit it off - in the grand tradition of Hepburn and Tracy or Beatrice and Benedick. 

The Forever Fest screening had Mullin, Starr and Shihabi in attendance, and I'll write more about the frank and hilarious Q&A in my festival recap. But I want you to tune your radars for Amira & Sam. Be aware of it, and be excited about it. I promise you you're going to love this movie.