Why Is There Going To Be A U.S. LUTHER Remake Without Idris Elba?

What is LUTHER without Idris Elba? What is LIFE without Idris Elba? 

Look, as far as remake news goes, this isn't the worst. Fox is developing a U.S. remake of the brilliant British series Luther, and Luther series creator Neil Cross is running it, alongside Luther star Idris Elba as the executive producer. So clearly this is a remake sanctioned by the original's creative team, and there's probably another great actor out there dying for a chance to play this complicated, dark, maddening, fascinating character. 

But I don't particularly want to see a Luther without Idris Elba. Does anyone? I actively pity the fool who tries to follow in Idris Elba's footsteps, because, but seriously, who could be better? I literally cannot think of one single man. Whoever this poor schmo is, we're all going to be constantly comparing him to Idris Elba, and he will not benefit from the comparison. 

Here's an idea, Fox: this time, make Luther - the troubled, brilliant, hot-blooded detective - a woman. Maybe have the incredible Ruth Wilson, who played Alice Morgan in the original, take on the role. She is a human I can think of who can be positively compared to Idris Elba. I mean, look at these two go at it here:

Unfortunately, by watching that clip, I just talked myself out of trying to be optimistic about this news again. I'm just going to rewatch Luther. It's easy to find, for those of you who've never seen it. It's streaming on Netflix and on Amazon Prime, and it's absolutely worth a watch.